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Power Technology Consultants provides services in Flowbench and Dynamometer sales and applications. The equipment that is sold is cost effective and excellent for accuracy and repeatability. We will only associate our efforts with equipment that exudes quality and places the Customer at the top where he should be.

This benchtop flowbench shown below will flow 250CFM@28"H20
The bench below will flow 600CFM at 28"H2O and is priced at almost a thousand dollars LESS than othermanufacturers. It has some other very advantageous features over the other guys, too. It comes with two vertical manometers as standard equipment. Superior calibration that follows the guidelines and specifications of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) MFC-3M-1989 (1995 norm) is also standard. Controls and operations are also better than offered by others.                                                         

The controls for selection of flow ranges are precise and so are the flow direction valves. Special "no leak" manometer connections are also standard with these quality engineered flow benches.

Automatic and computer controlled benches are also available at thousands less than other brands. These benches not only flow more than the competitors, but are more user friendly as well.

The computer controlled bench below (J1000) can flow 1000CFM at 28"H2O. Great for testing higher flow heads and manifolds or working with carburetors and throttle bodies. It even comes standard with an automatic valve opener. Generates professional reports in only a few minutes.


Power Technology Consultants
provides services in consulting on testing equipment, facility designs, and applications.

Pumping mud is a critical job in the Oil Patch and the engines have to make power on demand. The fuel system has to be correct in order to get the maximum horsepower produced for the least amount of fuel used.

At drilling locations around the world, it is all about power vs time and that makes the challenge very similar to motorsports in many ways. Fuel flow systems are very similar, just larger.

Power Technology Consultants provides seminars for test equipment and analysis for operators and engineers.

Power Technology Consultants offers technical writing and marketing assistance at realistic and fair pricing for companies with new products. Older products can be given new life by improving technical descriptions and improving understanding of the marketplace.

Power Technology Consultants has superb contacts within the automotive aftermarket media that spans many decades. The excellent editorial contact and relationships with all the popular magazines provides our Customers with great marketing opportunities.

This bench flows 600CFM@28